OnWatch was my first real baby. From it's conception in a conference room at Malouf surrounded by some super creative minds to its' design which was honestly just about effortless, this brand practically designed itself. I was blessed to be the tool to help create it but just feel fortunate to have been a part of it. The "Eyecon" (get it) which is central to the logo sheds a light on a dark epidemic and invites anyone to become an active participant in the fight against the abuse of children.

Design: SDCo. + Copy: Erica Miller + Backing: Malouf Foundation
"I really want this to be in your face. I don't want to be shy about it." - Sam Malouf (paraphrasing). Sam's vision was to create a piece of clothing that made you ask a question. "See the Signs, Stop the Cycle" was created before this Cycling Kit project but just seemed to fit. We worked with several cyclists in the company to help direct us on overall finished product.    
This phrase is the theme of the Forging Freedom event but was one of my favorite designs behind the OnWatch brand.     

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