Happy Egg Co.
Happy Egg Co. is the Free-est of Free Range eggs. The goal has always been to convey to the consumer that eating Happy Eggs is just a happier way to live. We've tried to illustrate that idea through photo, packaging, in-store marketing, digital, and event. Hard to not have a good time working with this client.
Website Design
From and function in sweet sweet harmony is the recipe for a great website. With a clear vision and a disciplined objective a website can make the strongest of first impressions which sometimes is all we have to market ourselves. Be it corporate, playful, modern or simple the site needs to look right, then feel right.
Malouf Packaging
With premium bedding comes a need for premium design. The CBD pillow was Malouf's debut as a CDB product. The ask was for a dreamy, organic, sophisticated and modern look. I needed to be able to show the physical product somehow without effecting the structural integrity of the box. Finding a new way to show the cliche marijuana leaf was the biggest challenge. The icon system for this project was a lot of find. I learned that a dot pattern can work as a drop shadow. Applied a slight watercolor treatment to the image to help with the dreaminess.
OnWatch Event
The Forging FreedomĀ Event held by The Malouf Foundation at the Vegas Market was an opportunity to spread awareness on human sex trafficking. I wanted to show the darkness of the subject while bring some light and beauty to the space. We were going for an art gallery sort of experience. The typography was part of a hand drawn process using my left hand in some instances and distorting letter forms as if a child had written the text. It was an honor to be a part of this project.
Altra Print/Campaign
The Altra brand tells unique stories with each shoe which meant trying to tell those stories visually in a myriad of ways. For the Escalante, which introduced a new cushion we wanted to really dig into the techy raw grittiness side of the brand. Being an outdoor product allowed for a lot of fun exploration into new techniques in design and constantly trying to push the brand into new places. The end goal was to design an energetic, dynamic and forward moving brand.
Altra Catalog
Had a lot of fun working side by side Parker Gohrick on this one. We teamed up to art direct all of the photo and designed this catalog inspired by companies like Burton and Patagonia. The idea was to create a beautiful look book that acted as a catalog. The focus was the product imagery and typography. Catalogs can get super crowded really fast so creating some breathability from spread to spread was important. Lastly, we wanted to give it that newsprint feel.
Altra Event
Event graphics and application is a designers playground. Everything is bigger and bolder. Event size ranged between a 30'x10' space to a 60'x20' space. I developed a love for environmental design and learned something new with every design. From working with exhibitors to printers to art directing and producing photoshoots and building out the space and design, it was pure joy with some occasional bumps. Ok a lot of bumps but it just made the end result that much better.
OnWatch Cycling Kit
The mission of OnWatch and the driving force behind it somehow made the design process so much more natural. It felt effortless to be honest. From it's conception in a conference room surrounded by some super creative minds to its' design, this brand practically designed itself. I was blessed to be the tool to help create it but just feel fortunate to have been a part of it. The "Eyecon" (get it) which is central to the logo sheds a light on a dark epidemic and invites anyone to become an active participantĀ in the fight against the abuse of children.
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